My husband the watch fan


The Watch Nut

My husband is a watch nut. By that I mean he loves to collect watches.  He currently has his eye on a new Armani Ceramic Watch. These are some things I have discovered from my geeky man.


Facts about watches (that my husband told me)

Did you know that the first wrist watch was made in 16th century England and was incredibly popular amongst females. Men preferred the pocket watch till the twentieth century. Military guys started to make the change to using wrist watches as they made use of time synchronization in fight to stay clear of indicating to the opponent. In World War I soldiers were also motivated to use their watches on the wrist for the improved efficiency of checking time over a watch that a soldier would need to reach into their coat to view. This time-keeping trend continued in the post-war era as gotten soldiers continued to wear their time pieces in your home and wrist watches rescinded pocket watches as the popular accessory.

The first digital wrist watch appeared in the 1920s and was popular as a futuristic digital time piece but they were too costly for the common market. It wasn’t up until 1975 that digital watches were mass-produced and became fantastically popular and accessible. The digital display, nevertheless, is better than collectible due to the fact that of the reduced craftsmanship needed to make them. Collectors choose analog dials over digital displays for many reasons consisting of historic importance, masterful work, and higher quality of dials and see workings. A classic example of a practical yet stylish watch is the Breitling SuperOcean.


Watch out

Less and less kids are using wrist watches because of mobile devices but that doesn’t stop them being popular with the older generation. Watches are now reaching brand-new heights, and depths, in area and deep sea. Astronauts require watches that can stay efficient through no gravity environment, high temperature level modifications, strong vibrations, and other severe conditions. Remarkably, astronauts used 24-hour analogue dial enjoys on the first manned U.S. orbital mission to stay clear of confusion between AM and PM which are worthless in space. Diving needs watches to be water resistant and strong through pressure changes. Special diving watches are ranked for their capabilities to endure pressure at specific depths.

Rolex and Quartz may have dominated the watch market with popular designs and strong track records of long lasting mechanics and reliable time pieces. Ladies generally select watches based on fashion look and commonly wear low-cost costume watches that are of respectable quality but function bolder fashionable designs.


Here’s an idiot from the UK who can’t tell the time being taught by a very attractive young lady.

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More info on Babyliss Big Hair



Why I am falling in love with my Babyliss Big Hair Brush


I thought I would write some more about my  hair dryer, brush combination Babyliss Big Hair and let you know why I really like it. As I mentioned in my previous post I have naturally curly hair which I have grown to just over my shoulder. It’s average thickness. When I use the big hair brush it leaves my hair looking blown out and gives it a lovely shine. I have also been able to make my fringe look really cool. I have had it for just under two weeks now and got it for Christmas from my wonderful kids. (Well I bought it and put their name on it, you know what kids are like :-)). Basically it is a two in one product but it has saved my arm from aching having to hold a blow dryer in one hand and a brush in another. Now when one arm starts to ache I just switch hands. At the end of the day it does the same job as using the two products together but it does do it considerably faster and I have found that I am happier with the results.

I found a really good video that explains how to use the big brush which I included below.

My Fhi Straightener

In the past I used to use cheap flat irons but quickly gave up because they could not deal with my hair or did not last very long. I knew I needed a high end straightener but could not bring myself to pay £100 plus for an item that basically straightens your hair! However, after too many years of hating my curly hair I decided to bite the bullet and get one. I did the research and got my partner to buy it for me for Christmas. I did contemplate getting a touch screen dryer but it was too expensive. I also looked at the GHD’s and cloud nine range but they were slightly too expensive for my taste. In the end I did some research and read some FHI straighteners reviews online and decided that they were the brand for me. I have to say that so far I am very happy with my purchase and think that I made the right decision.


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New Year New Resolutions


What I intend to do in 2014


Hi 2014 how you doing. Me I’m doing OK but I want to be great.

This is the time of year that people think about the year ahead and want they want to do with their lives. It could be work, personal, spiritual and usually love related. For me I have a few things I want to achieve this year.


1) Straighten up

To stop caring about my hair. I have a love, hate relationship with my hair and I want it to be more love this year that hate. It is long and thick and it is naturally curly. I know I should be happy the way I am, but damn it, I want straight hair! To help me with this dilemma I received a really good flat iron. So far so good. My hair is hard to manage and when I have tried cheaper brands in the past, they either singed my hair or by the end of the day, it would go back to its naturally curly style. The straightener I am really happy with are the GHD beating FHI Straighteners. I have used them half a dozen times in the new year and so far they have kept my hair straight all day, which quite frankly is a miracle.


2) To get my hair looking great but not spend hours doing it

My fhi straighteners are great but I can’t bring myself to use them everyday. So far it takes about 40 minutes to get my hair straight and if I try to speed the process up I get sloppy and miss bits. So when its not special occasions I have been using the rather splendid babyliss big hair rotating brush that works really well. Basically it is a blow dryer and brush combined which sounds daft but actually works really well and sorts my hair out nicely.

3) Read 40 books in 2014

I want to read 40 books this year including some of the ones that I have put off for a while like War and Peace. I originally wanted to read 52, a book a week, but like I said I want to read War & Peace and that thing is a beast so I need to allow myself at least a month to read it. So far I’ve started gently with the hunger games series. It may be for young adults but I really enjoyed it and the message that it conveyed.


So those are my plans for this year. Not profound, not life changing, actually quite shallow, but hey, I figure aim low and I might actually achieve something this year :-)


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